SuperMap iStore is a website of SuperMap. This is an agreement between you and SuperMap. Please read this agreement carefully. When finish registration, this agreement is a legal document binding on both parties.

  • 1. Confirmation and Acceptance of the Service Terms

    1. 1.1 The proprietary and operation rights of electronic services of SuperMap iStore belong to SuperMap. To become a formal user, users should agree to all registered terms of the agreement and complete the registration. User validation: Terms in this agreement is a contract to process the rights and obligations on both parties. Mandatory rights in law and special agreements shall govern where applicable.
    2. 1.2 Users who click on Agree button are to confirm the right abilities and the behavior abilities in this website, such as order, purchasing and so on. They can bear their own legal liability
    3. 1.3 If you are under 18 years old, you must use with your parents or guardian.
  • 2. User Information

    1. 2.1 Users should be on their own good faith to provide registration information to SuperMap iStroe. The registration information provided by users should be true, accuracy, complete and legal; if not, users shall bear the relevant responsibilities and consequences caused by the untrue information. SuperMap iStore reserves the right to stop users using all services.
    2. 2.2 After registering successfully, users can change their passwords. Users should be careful to save and use their username and password. If you find any illegal usernames or security holes, please inform SuperMap iStore immediately.
    3. 2.3 Users agree to send the orders and sales to users who registered in SuperMap iStore through email, message and telephone.
    4. 2.4 Users can’t lend own accounts to others, or users must take full responsibilities.
  • 3. Product Information

    The product information in SuperMap iStore, such as product prices, remove off shelves and so on, may change at any time, so this website does not make special notice. Due to large amount of product information, the product information displayed in this website may have a tag or mistake. Please acknowledge and understand.

  • 4. Ownership and intellectual property rights

    1. 4.1 SuperMaphas the legal rights to contents and resources copyright of SuperMap iStore, which is protected by national laws. SuperMap has the right to modify the contents, and post on this website. There is no need to inform users. Within the maximum permitted by law, SuperMap reserved the right of final explanation. 
    2. 4.2 Except mandatory law, any unit or individual must not illegally copy, reprint, quote, link, capture or use information contents in other ways in SuperMap iStore without express written approval from SuperMap, or SuperMap has the right to investigate for their legal liability.
    3. 4.3 The information (text, table, identifier, button icon, image, digital downloads and software) published by SuperMap iStore are all properties of the content provider, which is protected by Chinese and international copyright law.
    4. 4.4 All intellectual property rights of the product provided by SuperMap iStore belong to SuperMap. If there is a third party product, it belongs to the third party. Users should respect and maintain the intellectual property of SuperMap or Third Party.
  • 5. Protocol Updates and User Obligations

    SuperMap has the right to modify this agreement from time to time. The modified agreement shall become effective once it is posted on this website, and it will replace old agreement. Users can login in to check the latest agreement at any time. If a user does not agree with the latest agreement, he or she has the right to stop the services provided by SuperMap iStore; if users continue to use SuperMap online services, it means to agree the updated agreement. You are advised to read this agreement and the announcement before using this website. If any term in this agreement is abolished, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it can’t affect any validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.